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Mike McShane & Ekaterina Luzgina

30th March – 28th April 2019

Campbell Works is delighted to present a month long Artist-in-Residence with Michael McShane & Ekaterina Luzgina, to include a programme of workshops, events and collaborations with visiting artists.


Opening Exhibition: Saturday 30th March 2019,  6.00 – 9.00pm

Programme of Events & Workshops: 2nd – 26th April 2019, [details below]

Closing Exhibition: Physical Phenomena, Saturday 27th April 2019

Mike McShane & Ekaterina Luzgina graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2016

They have recently presented solo shows at: H.L.A.M. Gallery and VCSI, Voronezh, Russia, and have been included in recent group shows at: ,The Yard, London. Crypt Gallery, London. Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow. BLAM Projects, Los Angeles, and Campbell Works, London

Mike McShane & Ekaterina Luzgina have work in the collections of Alexei Gorbunov, Public Collection, H.L.A.M. Gallery 2019 and Ina Rykunova, Private Collection, 2019

Residency Workshop Programme

All workshops are free and open to the public.

For booking places please contact:

Mike on mikemcshane@hotmail.co.uk or Kate on 07448309376


Week One:  2nd April – 7th April 2019

Formal: the printed word

The focus of the first week is on the exploration of text through printmaking.


2nd April 2019 

Waving words – Flag making workshop

Session 1, 15.00pm – 17.00pm

Session 2, 19.00pm – 21.00pm

For these sessions please bring recycled fabrics that we can use as the body of flags as well as a material to cut words from. Additionally, we will use lino to cut words to print with onto the flags. By sewing and printing these compositions, we will see how the language of flags can be used and challenged to express our statements and identities.

6th April 2019

Conversation through print – Printmaking workshop

14.00 – 18.00

This is a session of printmaking, during which everyone involved will cut lino into stamps to make words and statements that can be printed onto paper. Starting through a collective action of printmaking, we aim to capture individual voices through the sequential application of text.

Week Two:  9th April – 14th April

Forming: the monumental word

The focus of the second week is going to be on the application of text to form.

10th April 2019

Text wrapping – subversive decoupage workshop

16.00 – 20.00

Re-inventing the meaning of objects via the collaging of printed text onto their surfaces.

Bring along an object of your choice or its representation, and together we can wrap text around it, searching for new fluid meanings with glue.

13th April 2019

Setting words in stone – concrete casting workshop

14.00 – 18.00

In this session we will work with concrete, producing unitary building blocks via imbedding lino words into moulds to generate architectural material to build with. We will see what happens to text when it becomes monumental.

Week Three: 16th April – 21st April 2019

Performing: the enacted word

This week we see as making concrete poetry in three-dimensional space.

Week Four: 22nd April – 26th April 2019

Phonetic: the broadcasted word

In the final week the residency space will be closed to the public as we work to broadcast the material generated so far online and on shortwave radio.

Closing Exhibition: 27th April 2019

Physical Phenomena 

Private view 18.00 – 22.00 pm

For this show all the participants and the general public will have a chance to see and celebrate the culmination of the month long residency, Text As:.

Text As: will be an experimental space occupied by words in all their forms, as actors in space, as modes of transport for ideas, as sculptural forms and rhythmic melodies for the ear.

Since the earliest impressions pushed into clay tablets, re-producible text has been a way to capture ideas and transmit them through time and space. During this residency the artists will make words, give words, take words, throw them across a room, pick them up and dance with them, immerse themselves and pile them up.

They will search for a collective vernacular by colliding their native tongues of Russian and English, two text based worlds, (with structural and logical differences) with no shared alphabet and radically different phonic sounds. McShane & Luzgina aim to orchestrate a month of discursive dialogue through sculpture, printmaking, performance, and pirate radio, inviting other voices to join them in disassembling meaning. By making fluid and resetting the encoded structures and sounds that exists within the written word, McShane & Luzgina aim to simultaneously retain the linguistic intention whilst introducing new dimensions of interpretation.

A multimedia, multi-authored, accumulation of people’s words. Formal, Forming, Performing, Phonetic from the printed word, the monumental word, the enacted word and the broadcasted word.




















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