Shadow Worlds

As part of the Our Museum project funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Campbell Works has been commissioned by Hackney Museum to create Shadow Worlds, a site specific installation in Belfast Road in the Spring 2014

As many of you have had acquaintance with Belfast Road over the years, we invite you to take part in this next project through to the outdoor installation on 27th Feb – 1st March 2014.

Working in partnership with Hackney Museum and Hackney Archives we will be exploring the history of Belfast Road, formerly Stamford Terrace, interviewing residents and business’s and recording many stories from the street. The project will culminate in an ambitious installation to be exhibited at Hackney Museum and in Belfast Road in February 2014.

If you would like to get involved in any way, by participating in workshops, researching the history of your home, finding out about when the street was built or sharing stories from your past or present, please contact us.

Shadow Worlds Belfast Road

There is something special about this street, many residents feel it, and yet it hard to put it into words; are we just friendly people and good neighbours? or is it something else? …….
Through this project we hope to find out by research the history of the street, gather un-told stories and memories and creating a Light Box Installation set within the front windows of houses and business premises along Belfast Road between 27th Feb. – 1st March 2014. This project will also be part of an Exhibition Side by Side / Living in Cazenove at Hackney Museum in January 2014.

Your Stories and Thoughts

There are many ways to get involved, you can share your stories, help make the shadow silhouettes, research histories, record your friends , film or photograph the street. Over the next month we have several drop in art sessions and will be knocking on doors asking you th share your thoughts and tell us what it is like to live or work here.

The Light Box Exhibition:

We are looking for residents who would like to exhibit one in their homes for the last weekend in Febuary next year (27th Feb. – 2nd March.) Please let us know if you would like one.

We will run creative art workshops will run at Campbell Works from 27th Jan (and over the Febuary half term 15th -23rd Feb) where we will make large scale cut paper silhouettes that will be display in the windows of residents homes.These paper silhouettes will face out onto the street and lit from inside creating a magical light box show of images.

Summary & Dates

24 th & 25 th Oct Introductory sessions exploring the streets history – at Campbell Works
9 th Dec. 7.30pm A discussion meeting for all who want to be involved – at Campbell Works
12th Dec. 6.30pm A visit to Hackney Museum behind the scenes – at Hackney Museum
From 27th Jan. Creative workshops making large paper silhouettes – at Campbell Works
23rd Jan. – April Exhibition opening – at Hackney Museum
27th Feb. – 2nd March Lightbox exhibition in Belfast Road.

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