Mind Mine

10th ­ 18th June 2006 / Mon – Fri 10 – 5 pm by appointment

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If we understood how our brains process information and store our experience of the world, would we be better able to determine our behaviour and destiny within it?

Mind Mine is an ambitious attempt to understand complex neurological principles, through the construction of a huge two-storey installation. Developed and created by artists Harriet Murray and Neil Taylor in collaboration with scientist Elaine Beattie, Lecturer in Biopsychology at Goldsmith College, this labyrinthine installation dismantles brain functioning faster than physical thoughts travel through neural canals.

Mind Mine is the culmination of a three-month collaboration project working with over 100 participants, exploring ways of communicating brain cell functioning, neurological concepts, and the way these affect our decision-making, and emotional stability. Like the wiring inside your new computer, that handles your software and hardcore, the electrical signals processing our thoughts are continually strengthening or abandoning neural pathways. As this process gets hard wired and we become actors to an electrochemical matrix, what choices do we have in this evolution?

The project was granted a Pulse Award by the Wellcome Trust.

Mind Mine was made possible by the enthusiasm of children and teachers from Jubilee and Holmleigh Primary Schools in Hackney, London.

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