Let it Fall

Brendan Colvert

Saturday, 9 October 2010 – Sunday, 7 November 2010

Brendan Colvert lives and works on the small Scottish island of Sanday, Orkney. Since arriving at this remote outpost 12 years ago he has committed his time to painting as a daily ritual and purpose. In filtering the complex relationship between the tranquillity and wildness of this immutable archipelago, and the complexities of the world beyond, Colvert has created an extraordinary body of work, with a unique vision and a universal frame of reference.

“For me making Art is a process of exploration hopefully leading toward a deeper understanding of our physical and psychological environment; a clarification of the sort of world we inhabit and our relationship to it.”

Alternative modernism and secular aesthetic have made shy the referencing of spiritual in art, but Colvert’s new paintings and drawings conjure references to landscapes, seascapes, inshore environments, and of our psycho-spiritual relation to them. Deeply imbued with a sense of timelessness this new body of work draws us towards a deeper relationship with our nature and matters affecting the human spirit.

Colvert’s references are both personal and universal containing a mix of abstract and figurative elements. Often with an element of humour, the work is characterised by both conscious and unconscious motivations allowing strands of narrative to lead the way, or left unresolved suggesting meanings that are obscure, mysterious, and unknown.

This will be the first solo exhibition of the artists work in London, and a unique opportunity to see new work created specifically for the gallery at Campbell Works. The exhibition will include painting and drawing.

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