Intimacy (Human People)

10th – 30th November 2005

What defines intimacy in the 21st century?

Perhaps nowhere so obviously as in the visual depiction of intimacy have the boundaries between art and entertainment been eroded.

Images of highly personal, intimate moments have become part of our everyday. Digital photography and the internet are dissolving the relationships between photographer and performer, model and muse, and a new generation of photographers are redefining our relationships, our fears and desires. So begins our exploration of the moment ‘between the impulse and the action’

For this installation at Campbell Works, Completely Naked has invited 100 selected international photographers to submit over 500 images in any size and format that, according to them, portray ‘intimacy’. Having in common a new approach to photography and a fresh vision of themselves and their practice, they have become part of an ever-growing un-scripted ‘movement’.

The project started in 2004 as a research study into contemporary photographic practice and quickly grew into a huge online gallery containing over 1000 images, and is growing daily. Gathering together for the first time, a generation of photographers whose images are re-defining contemporary aesthetic, this installation explores both the visual intimacies portrayed and the physical intimacies of the photographic print. Becoming a physical object, and breaking the so convenient but so fastidious un-reality of the online galleries.

Collective photographic exhibition by Completely Naked part of Photomonth

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Images of the opening at Campbell Works

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