I Apologise For Missing My Lesson

As part of Campbell Works ongoing commitment to supporting the local community and encouraging young peoples creativity, we are delighted to present an exhibition curated by Anna Tewungwa, of Stoke Newington School, as part of her Extended Project Qualification.

Campbell Works
24th March – 25th March 2018


Beatrice Keelan
Bess Gorman
Charlie Grandfield
Caitlin Savage
Eden Gray
Esther Harbour
Evie Fox
Esme Ramlal
Fenella Sanderson
Ruby Bennett
Tom Latinovic


A collection of works from 11 young artists reflecting on life lessons they have encountered, some learnt and others yet to be learned. These lessons come in a variety of different forms – including ideals, discoveries, repercussions, lore and doctrines.

All of the works involve human portrayal, with some taking on the storytelling role of the parable. In this way, they invite consideration of the role of the subject, artist and viewer in relation to the lesson and collectively compose a narrative of the struggle to balance the pursuit of wisdom and self-improvement with the comfort of self-acceptance.

Organised by Anna Tewungwa as a part of her Extended Project Qualification. Anna would like to thank all of the participating artists, volunteers and everybody who helped to make this project and exhibition possible.

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