Harriet Murray – Nocturnal Visions

Friday, 17 December 2004 – Sunday, 9 January 2005

An animation in 23 frames by Harriet Murray and guests.

A seductive nocturnal installation of images and shadows evolving over 23 evenings.

Viewable from Belfast Road this beautiful installation of shadows and illusions gradually evolves, attempting to slow down the frantic oscillations and unattainable speed of everyday life. The changes made may be physically slight but creating a huge shift in meaning or dramatic, to portray the narrative from a completely different viewing point, like the changing camera angles within a film.

The artists are attempting to confront us with our own fears and perceptions of reality, revealing how we all view the world through a filter of pre-constructed ideas and beliefs.

In the shadowy world of half-light, time, distance and truths become less determinable and not so well defined. In this twilight world, the underbelly of reality is never far away when we contemplate the pure beauty of the natural world.

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