From Across the Pond and Underneath the Algae

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Campbell Works and G George are delighted to present film and video works for From Across the Pond and Underneath the Algae, at Blam Projects, Los Angeles on the 21st August 2016

Hot August Nights Schedule

First Weekend 8/12-14 LA/NY
Friday 8/12

Ephemeral LA: Films from the Echo Park Film Center Famiglia
Curated by Eve-Lauryn LaFountain
Eve-Lauryn LaFountain, Giizis Mooka’am (Sun/Moon Rise) The Smudge Series
Alee Peoples, Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies
Mike Stoltz, With Pluses and Minuses
Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko), MABUHAY KA
Bridget Batch, Chiquita Canyon Landfill
Rick Bahto Compositions No. 2
Paolo Davanzo, Avanti Popolo
Lisa Marr, Intolerance

Saturday 8/13

Underlining the Horizon
David Colosi, Performance/reading/music Way Out West (Brooklyn, NY)
David Hughes, Reading from the latest book, BBQ Pavilion (Los Angeles)
Andrew Hahn, Poetry reading (Los Angeles)

Sunday 8/14

Jet Lag – postponed
Local Expeditions with Nancy Blaine, Local Expeditions Bikes the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn
Michael Isenberg, Commuter Threads #1, Time-Lapse of NYC Subways and LA Buses
Lena Wolek, “Harvesting Cross Countries”, Video
Joe Wolek, “Where People who Build Bombs Used to Live” Image Presentation
Brian Moss, “Looking” LA-NY Image Presentation

Second Weekend 8/19-21 Open
Friday 8/19

The Unknown Origin of Delusion
Horacio Cadzco  (Night of Videos programming from Mexico City artist)

VLADIMIR MAISLIN (Mexico)  The appropriation of massive media images comes up to subvert their sense in a critique way.
Non-Stop Vacation  An inspiring web found compilation of the most kinky and weird videos for this summer.

ARTEMIO NARRO (Mexico) Corny dark humor, cartoon collages and sarcastic shortcuts that invites us to reflect about social clichés and conflicts of the human identity.
Sexonwheelzz  A tricky non porn hot video.
Anonimo Veneciano  A beautiful sunday with friends having fun at the city park.
Apoohcalyze Now  An acid shortcut that explores the tragedy of war through the sad poetry founded on the human nature of Winnie Pooh.
The Lost Island  A cooperative short film made by local kids in a Mexican beach.

PAOLA CABRERA & DONOVAN SORIANO (Peru & Mexico) Painting artists comming up with video animations, documentary and interdisciplinary projects in Mexico City.
Land of Tropical Splendor  Shortcut about one of the lasts Macho Bananas´ storage in Mexico City.

MARIA JOSÉ ALÓS (Mexico) Her videos inquiry into the construction of (self) identity, gender issues, and the process of rewriting/reimagining personal memories; fragmentary audiovisual structures that rely on a linear narrative.
XXX Found footage short film piece conceived through the articulation of appropriated and recycled film fragments to conform a unified sex scene composed by different bodies, ambients and characters.
The History of Sadness A compilation of sad scenes remaking a narrative structure about human drama.
Catarsis An animosity portrait.
Tomber en Amour A portrait of the ascent and descent of a structure and of the abolition of adjectives and verbs of the enunciation.

CREMANCE (Mexico) Video Artist. His work explores human sexuality and erotism by using preconceived images related to romanticism and the recent history of horror in cinema.
Aurora An overwhelming epilogue for a little princess.
Eau de toilette Not long time ago somebody dreamed she dreamed about Freddy.

WENDY LEÓN (Mexico) Her work deals with the abstract idea of self in context with her nearest reality.
Explotion A tragic shortcut.
A Body Portrait about the senses of the body.

ALÊ SOUTO (Brasil) The artist looks to free the idea of human existence trough poetic actions.
Suitcase to walk the world and capture constellations  An action to communicate by mirror reflections between a little island and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Rio de Janeiro.
Surfaces to reflect star´s dust and clear light How to collect stars to take them inside the museum.

DECOURCY ROBIN (France) Shortcuts made out from the documentation of dance, performance and body interventions on urban and countryside landscapes.
Authemint Moventic A little devil dances in the hill.
Near West – Trek Danse  A nonsense hike in the woods.
Chirologia Watch a hand go ahead. Take the Andean landscape as choreographic and musical score.
Harpia Portrait of an unreachable lady.

JOSÉ ANTONIO CORDERO (Mexico) Independent Actor and Filmmaker
En la Condesa  One of the greatest underground video hits of the Mexican Queer sceen. Created by the artist Jose Antonio Cordero, the funniest parody of the pretentious and fancy neighborhood in Mexico City.

MARTIN DORDONI IUSO (Argentina) Writer and storyteller.
The house that was never at home Technically, the most simple but funniest shortcut animation about a guy that was in love with his house.

MARCO SHMITT LEGACY (Germany) His work deals with the exploration of the other trough the parody and appropiation of exotism. He creates bizarre histories and characters in order to understand cliches of cultural and political conventions.
A sign on the road said: Take us to Madre Marco Schmitt woke up this morning and got himself a line of speed. He is on a crazy Madre road trip. He is driving to reach Madre.
Panopticonthera Subobscura The sky over the Otomí Ceremonial Center at Temoaya in Mexico. The camera pans down to show a massive outdoor stone structure and the shaman Raúl Trejo. An aerial shot reveals that the shaman is seated in center of a mosaic representation of the Ouroboros, the snake which bites its own tail, thus elevating itself from finite line to infinite circle. Through a spiritual ritual, Trejo calls a flying drone into presence. It arrives from the sun and dives toward the Ouroboros.
Xterminating Badges The conflict between freedom and security underlies Marco Schmitt’s film. Schmitt’s template was Luis Buñuel’s surreal masterpiece El ángel exterminador (The Exterminating Angel, 1962), where rich and influential guests at a dinner party feel themselves,inexplicably, to be trapped in a room. The macabre metaphor from Franco-era Spain is not lost in present-day Zurich, where the police museum, bristling with confiscated weapons, is the claustrophobic setting for the drama. The police officers who took part in Schmitt’s method acting workshops can beseen, however, to enjoy the comic release from their professional personae. How is the freedom of the police?
Independent Independence Documentation of a 10 hour performance in the streets of Mexico-City. Schmitt converged the aesthetics of the mexican revolution and mexican advertizing vehicles, which are all over Mexico-City bothering people with its constantly throbbing megaphone slogans.

PETER LORENZ (Germany) Photographer
Zapzarap A compilation of photos, colors  and music to enjoy..

Saturday  8/20

Settlers + Nomads: 269 MILES
Performance, screening and presentations from artists with ties to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Andreana Donahue, Sunshine and Shadow: A Year in Alaska, slide talk performance

Video Screening:
Lauren Adkins, Someday
Audrey Barcio, The New You Who Got Here Before (AND NOW WE MUST FORGET)
Catherine Borg, Self-Tending
Yasmina Chavez, Warm Bodies
Stephen Hendee, White Drone
Brent Holmes, The Yellow Rose of Texas
Wendy Kveck, meateater
Javier Sanchez, Charro: Good Company
David Sanchez Burr, Oscillations:36 37 02 N 114 20 41 W
Mikayla Whitmore, Rancho

Danielle Kelly, Storytime: Day Tripper, performance

The Kellies (Elyse Reardon-Jung & Ichiro Irie)
Music of some sort from this dynamic new duo…
Immediately after Settlers+Nomads (Starting at 8:00 PM)

Sunday 8/21

From Across the Pond and Underneath the Algae
Video Screenings and Performance Documentations from Britain (with a couple of American made videos thrown in at the end).
Campbell Works, curated by Kate Tindle/’G George’ from London
Anna Pickles Harvey, Breath (2016)
Peter Martin, We take our Holidays in Spain (2015) Neil Taylor, HOST (2009)
Liadain Evans, Bad Packing (2015)
Harriet Murray, Anomaly Island (2011)

All over the place
DG14 Collective
Three years in one studio (DG14) have brought four artists together: Two Brits, one Pole and a Russian all graduating from Art School. The unstable atmosphere in Britain mirrors the insecure future of these graduates. Our Collective faces disruption- how do we continue to develop our work and discussion across changing boarders?
This body of work reflects desires to return home, mixed with the frustration of having to leave and the impact it has on our collective.
The ramifications of Brexit and the rising disillusionment in current politics feel like a step backwards, resulting in a unifying sense of futility present in all the works selected

Artists and Work
Ekaterina Luzgina
Where does sculpture go when you cannot take it home? 2016
Elizabeth Prentis
Lift Mate (Jelly) 2016
“No Boris, you can’t use your water cannon.” (Myatt’s Court Estate, Brixton) 2016
Janek Nixon
Convallaria Majalis 2016 Błędów Desert
Mickey McShane
What a load of Pollocks 2016
“Please don’t feed the birds” (Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster) 2016

Joe Wolek, Texas Rush Hour Video
Shelby Roberts, 12/22/90 Video

Jet Lag
Local Expeditions with Nancy Blaine, Local Expeditions Bikes the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn
Michael Isenberg, Commuter Threads #1, Time-Lapse of NYC Subways and LA Buses
Lena Wolek, “Harvesting Cross Countries”, Video
Joe Wolek, “Where People who Build Bombs Used to Live” Image Presentation
Brian Moss, “Looking” LA-NY Image Presentation

Third Weekend 8/25-28 Travel/Vacation

Thursday 8/25 Rod Baer, The best event anywhere, ever.
A brief slate of short stories, other words and enhancements featuring gratuitous live sex, extreme violence, excessive indulgence, mayhem, gift giveaways, cute kittens, open buffets of food, illegal drugs, kegs of alcohol, social aggrandizing, misdirection and false advertising. First read in Los Angeles, written over a span of decades, sifting through the froth of inconsequence, this is a preview sampling of narratives previously kept unreleased.

Friday 8/26

The Shirt Off My Back
Artists Brett Van Ort, Stephanie Sabo and Julia Paull discuss different aspects of water pollution as experienced through current research intensive projects on EPA water clean up sites, the fashion Industry, and critically endangered amphibians respectively. Organized by Julia Paull

Saturday 8/27
People’s Lives
Screening Night curated by Andrew Freeman featuring: Billy Woodberry, Marseille Après La Guerre Anaal Shah

Sunday 8/28

Vacation Slide Shows and Home Movies
Nonurbia, image and video presentation of a two year trek through South America Joe Wolek, Image Presentation from various places in the world highlighting Appalachia, Mexico, China, Cuba, Cambodia and Vietnam Claudio Cambon, Image presentation from Bangladesh Shelby Roberts, Image Presentation of Oklahoma Loftur Erikson, Image Presentation of Tourist in Iceland and Greenland Sandra Mann, Holla Die WaldfeeHolla Die Waldfee – pictorial audio video, Germany Shoshi Kanokohata, Japanese music and noise
Closing Night

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