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Monday, 11 January 2010

Campbell Works present Each Teach at ArtsDepot as part of:

‘Emerge, I know I’m an artist, but I haven’t made a work in 6 months’

What are our ways of avoiding making art? How do we get past them? Who can help? This event presents a critical and practical look at our strategies for avoiding making work, and how to get unstuck.

Campbell Works will present their performance of avoidance tactics for artists, followed by a participatory workshop on how to get unstuck. Also taking part will be Shaun Doyle from collaborative artists Doyle and Mallinson. The event will open with a talk by Ed Pien, on the eve of his solo show ‘Momento’ at artsdepot.

Join us and build on the growing network of emerging artists following the previous successful event ‘I want to work in Education, but don’t know how’.

Emerge’s second event and its first of 2010 will focus on those ways we have of putting off what we want to do most. How do you manage to make a living and create? Why does one get in the way of the other, how do we put art first?

The evening will open with a talk by the Canadian artist Ed Pien, who will introduce his work in a preview of his solo installation at the Artsdepot. ‘Momento’, was commissioned by the Chinese Arts Centre, and reflects on the displaced and forgotten. Pien, who also has an ongoing drawing practice, has created a physical network of patterns in the gallery space using video, sound and silhouettes in a walk-through installation.

For Emerge, Campbell Works will present a version of their experimental framework Each Teach: The Art of Avoidance – ‘An introduction into the finer art of avoidance exploring underlying motivations and physiological preferences for the avoider. This short talk will endeavour to include key skills acquisition for the observant and an in-depth study into a variety of approaches’. This will be followed by shared tips and discussion led by Campbell Works on getting unstuck and moving on in your work.

Shaun Doyle, from the collaborative artists Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson, will also take part. Doyle and Mallinson have a prolific output and have shown their sculptural work and drawings in a wide range of private and public galleries and will be showing new work at Tate Britain in June.

This is a ‘hands-on’ event for artists to get to grips with new ways to approach making and showing work. The aim is for artists to begin something practical in the session that they can immediately make use of afterwards. It is part of a series of six events run by Emerge; the first was an introduction to working in education – how to put your art at the heart of your work, which asked artists to come up with their own education project proposal in one hour, with advice and guidance from education professionals. 

To book your place, click here. Please note that priority is given to emerging borough artists (Barnet, Brent, Enfield, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Waltham Forest), but spaces are also available to artists outside these boroughs.

Further information links: ArtsDepot – www.artsdepot.co.uk 

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