Exhibition: September 12th – October 18th 2014

PV: September 12th 6pm-9pm

Coming Up For Air re-examines what constitutes an ‘artwork’ and peruses the idea that artwork is ‘the final manifestation of a multitude of elements drawn together from external sources and re-formatted into new and unexpected configurations’, enabling alternative understandings to be drawn from the original elements.

With this in mind Neil Taylor & Harriet Murray of Campbell Works propose to create an installation from the source material at 4 Broad Street, the locality and the inhabitants of a building, that’s previous incarnations have included a former women’s refuge, a bank and a gas fitting emporium. Following a period of forensic examination of the physical matter found abandoned in rooms, corridors and staircases, the exhibition will evolve from dialogue with the studio artists who work at airspace, the directors and board members, alongside repurposed items and works made in response to the ‘survey’ of the structure.

Acting as a ‘time slice’ through the past curatorial programme and studio practices at Airspace, Coming Up For Air aims to celebrate the commitment and dedication of the people, both past and present that have made Airspace a nationally respected organization, while also pointing towards future challenges, possibilities and its longer-term sustainability.

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AirSpace Gallery
4 Broad Street
City Centre

Thursday to Saturday
11:00am to 5:00pm 
Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment

mailto: mail [at] / +44(0)1782 26 12 21

AirSpace Gallery is a collaborative, artist-led project in Stoke-on-Trent, providing professional development opportunities, studio and exhibiting space and support for artists. Through a dynamic and evolving programme of exhibitions, events and activities AirSpace Gallery brings critical, high-quality contemporary art to the region and provides opportunities for a broad range of artists.

The Artist Soup Kitchen:
Biting The Hand That Feeds with Susan Jones

18th October 2014 at 12.00 noon

For the 5th in the new Artist Soup Kitchen Series, scheduled for the final day of the exhibition Coming Up For Air, AirSpace Gallery has invited writer, businesswoman, champion of the artist-led and all round legend Susan Jones to present the case for the importance of artist-led activity and the compelling need for effective advocacy in the area.

Artist-led initiatives (such as Airspace) play a crucial part in the ecology and success of the visual arts although their endeavours are often unrecognised and under-rewarded in the palaces of power. They are persistent and consistent in their modus operandi and aspiration creating considerable ‘cultural capital’ within locations and communities of interest. Informed by her seminal study ‘Measuring the experience: the scope and value of the artist-led’ (1992-1995), NAN initiative (2004-2011), ‘Realising the value’ (2011) and small projects such as Doggerlanders, Susan Jones will make the case for greater support to paying artists for the unique assets they bring to the contemporary visual arts ‘success story’ and to the artists initiatives that thrive and survive because their strong sense of artistic vision, ambitious approaches to the creation and presentation of work and willingness to be experimental amongst a community of artists are combined with a passion for self-development and creative success.

Susan Jones is Director of a-n The Artists Information Company until September 2014. She is an expert contributor on artists’ livelihoods and artist-led approaches to practice and professional development matters adviser to the a-n/AIR Paying artists campaign. As well as being widely published on the subject, she has contributed to the Art Party Conference, the Cultural Values initiative and presented evidence through international peer networks including CreativeClusters, Paradox, Interartes, CreativePeople and N-Ten. 

The duration of the Artist Soup Kitchen is set at 2 hours, beginning promptly at 12:00pm and finishing at 2pm.

Seats at the Artist Soup Kitchen Table are limited, so to avoid disappointment, please click here to book your place – or email with ‘soup kitchen’ in the subject line.

***The Soup Kitchens are free to attend, but guests will be asked to donate an amount they feel the event was worth.***


The Artist Soup Kitchens are talks and workshops to explore support networks, good practice and sustainability of the arts and artists in a changing climate. We have noticed that some of the best conversations happen over a good hearty meal and so over a delicious bowl of homemade soup, and specially baked bread, which is provided by B-arts, through their community bread-making project, Bread in Common, these sessions provide an opportunity to meet up in a relaxed and special environment, with a different theme and speaker each time.

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Bread in Common is B arts bread project- artists and bakers using real bread to connect people and to nourish communities across North Staffordshire and beyond. In 2014 they will be opening a city centre bakery to support the work.

For more information on Bread in Common, “like” the Bread in Common Facebook page and sign up for B arts e-newsletter

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