Back Packed

Friday, 27 May 2005 – Sunday, 3 July 2005

Neil Taylor has created the interior of an absurdly oversized Cardboard Box, complete with flaps, handles, and polystyrene formers. Upon entering Back Packed the visitor is psychologically reduced in size, by the scale of this architectural intervention.

For more than a century, tremendous effort has been exerted to develop completely neutral architectural environments in which to present art. By re-organising the very materials that these spaces consist of, both their objectivity and role as plinth are perpetually re-defined.

Drawing on an obsessive fascination with space and scale, and the ways they alter our self-awareness and behaviour, Neil Taylor creates an extraordinary home for an eclectic array of new sculpture and gathered objects that become its transitory packaged products. Working in media as diverse as sculpture, drawing, printing, collage, and film, Back Packed presents a myriad catalogue of new works, embodying a restless exploration of the nature of ‘stuff, and reflecting a continual questioning and re-evaluation of artistic practice and cognitive enquiry.

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