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1 October 2006 – 29 February 2008

Artinit was a quarterly newsletter distributed to local homes during 2005 – 2007 and venues within the Campbell Works catchment and was available through art bookshops across London, or by subscription.

Content was drawn from open submission and printed here.

This publication acted as an extension of the exhibition space in the form of a newspaper and published by Campbell Works on the occasions of new projects to provide a wider discussion around their themes, thinking and visual language.

Campbell Works continue to publish the newspaper under the title Works.

The views expressed in this publication are based on hyperlink thinking, collated from submission by interested parties and while the views expressed are not necessarily those of the editors, we do not intend to offend.

Copyright of all material published in Artinit and Works rests with, the individual artists, No part of the publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced in any way without permission.


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