AltMFA talk – Art and Politic

‘We’ve decided to allow for 15 minutes per guest to introduce their work generally and/or specific art and politics work/ideas, in whatever way they wish. I hope that suits you. We’ll have a laptop/projector/speakers. In between each guest’s 15 minutes, we’re planning ways for small groups to discuss and expand on the works and ideas presented thus far. 

The whole evening will be 6.30-9.30 (we’ll bring some snacks!). 

In case you’re interested the other guests will hopefully be: 

Jennie Savage – an artist and lecturer who kindly donated to us her book/Film/sound project Depending On Time, a project remembering/archiving the area of Cardiff where the old arcades were about to be demolished for a giant shopping mall. 

Wilf Sullivan – a race equality officer for the TUC. He was involved in Rock Against Racism and is the treasurer for Hackney Unites, a local social justice group (who we work with sometimes) and also the treasurer for a music technology centre in Islington. 

Campbell Works – a unique artist collaboration, between Neil Taylor & Harriet Murray, whos combined practice has produced ambitious public realm initiatives, an ongoing gallery project, and numerous projects exploring participatory strategies that seek to weave a route through the experimental and commercial realms.

Stefan Szczelkun – a one-time member of the experimental music/performance group the Scratch Orchestra, he was involved in the Brixton Arts Collective and Exploding Cinema, he wrote a great pamphlet in the ’70s called Artists Liberation and is generally obsessed with issues of class. 

Janna Graham (wants to come but hasn’t confirmed)  – Projects curator at the Serpentine, sound art and activist group Ultra Red member, radical education enthusiast, and generally involved in everything art and politics related! 

Date: 16 Jul 2012 – 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Venue: Campbell Works, Belfast Road, Stoke Newington, London N16


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