Saturday, 1 January 2011 – Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Throughout 2011 Campbell Works has been co-hosting the Alternative MFA group. Members meet every Monday evening at various locations around London (approximately once a month at Campbell Works)

AltMFA is a radical educational programme established by artists for artists as a free alternative to studying a university-based Fine Art Masters in London.

The course is focused on developing and strengthening the individual practice of professional contemporary artists through non-hierarchical, peer-led critical discussion and engagement with visiting artists, writers and thinkers.

Learning is based around a weekly schedule of group critiques, talks and seminars.

The course has no fixed premises; the programme takes place in a range of private and public venues across London. There are no tuition fees and the schedule aims to fit around students’ other work commitments.

Course Structure

Monday night meetings:
We meet every Monday night at 6.30.
We alternate between theory (question week) and group crit:
Question week, one participant suggests a question and send links to references via the blog. On the night each participant brings a thought, an object, a text etc related to the question and present it in turns. We end the session with an open discussion. On crit nights, participants present artworks that they want to get feedback on.

Guest lectures:

As well as the Monday meetings, lectures are scheduled regularly. Guest lecturers are suggested at group discussions. We also approach people from each other’s networks. We are keen to extend invites to guests beyond the art scene.

Pamphlet publication:
We’re planning to publish pamphlets about subjects covered. Proposed subjects: ethics of arts funding, counter-cultural educational groups in Britain and beyond.

Research trips:
We’re planning some excursions and exchanges to investigate some of our areas of interest.

Current Members include:

Helene Kazan
Tom Estes
Eva Lis
Robbie Lockwood
David Snoo Wilson
Stephanie Wehowski
Claire Blundell Jones
Gabriel Birch
Jeremy Evans

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