Campbell Works are very grateful for the generous support
from Shipton Mill for this project.

A Future That Long Since Began

10th – 12th August 2012
Braziers Park, Ipsden, Oxfordshire OX10 6AN

Campbell Works will be presenting A Future That Long Since Began, a new project for SuperNormal Festival 2012.

SUPERNORMAL is a festival like no other, an alternative even to the ‘alternative’ festival circuit. Entirely artist-led and resolutely non-commercial, SUPERNORMAL combines an acclaimed and avant-garde musical line up with a visual arts programme to match. SUPERNORMAL truly bucks the trend – blurring the boundaries between contemporary art, live music, performer and audience all in the idyllic surroundings of Braziers Park, Oxfordshire. A 17th-century mansion morphed into a Strawberry Gothic folly, Braziers Park has its own countercultural links spanning decades – from John Latham and R.D. Laing to Marianne Faithfull (and Mick Jagger) and is still home to Britain’s oldest secular community.

Evolving from the influential Braziers International Artists’ Workshop (BIAW), an annual residency spanning 16 years, SUPERNORMAL now in its third year, pays more than lip service to contemporary art. Independent galleries and artist-run spaces and more than 50 individual artists have been invited to create work during the festival, most of it constructed on site and with direct audience involvement. This year we have also invited BIAW artists to return to Braziers and re-engage with the site.

At SUPERNORMAL ‘experiment’ is not a dirty word and the avant-garde is for everyone. Embracing contemporary art that provides more than simple entertainment, there will be site-specific installations and impromptu events to discover, as well as projects and discussions taking place throughout the weekend that whether or not they have a visible end-product will provoke the imagination with real challenges, real excitement, real rewards that will long outlast the event itself.

As a collectively run non-corporate event, SUPERNORMAL is at the behest of no commercial imperative and runs on the goodwill and commitment of all involved making a true community where everyone’s contribution is significant. SUPERNORMAL believes the actions of a collective of like-minded creative dissenters speak louder than the self-serving words of Authority and Convention. We provide a platform for true invention – for emerging and more established artists alike, throwing down a gauntlet to corporate and market-led production.

For more information
Weekend tickets including camping: £65
Facebook: Supernormalfest / Twitter: Supernormalfest

With special thanks to Pau Ros and Claire Ward Thornton.

Artists include:

Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission
Boyle and Shaw
Brian Duggan
Bristol Diving School
Campbell Works
Charlie Murphy
Claire Kennedy
Coffee + Sponge
Emergent Behaviour
Gaynor O’Brien
Tim Ridley
Live Timeline Actions
The Mysteroons
Ortelius Drew
Sarah Jane Norman Ryan Hughes
Secret AV
Ralph Dorey and Lyndsey Officer
Society is Possible
Structures & Spaces
Various Artists
Spike McGarrity
Will Cruickshank
Richard Annely
Chooc Ly Tan
Tom Woolner
Holly Slingsby
Fiona MacDonald & John Holland
Cool Diabang(Senegal)
Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (Cuba)
Jarek Hubloj (Poland)
Kay Walsh
John Hughes
Kate Mahony TM
Aditi Kulkarni (India)
Lina Hakim (Lebanon)
Juan Pablo Echiverri (Columbia)
Lee Campbell

ARTISTS FILMS including:

Brian Duggan / Juan Gabriel Guittirez / Kisito Assangni / Louise Colborne / Samar / Supernormal 2011 Documentary: Love Each Other Or Die / Let Me Feel Your Finger First / Laure Provost / Mordant Music / Katy Dove / Vicki Thornton / Ian Helliwell / Shelley Parker / Jeff Keen / Matt Hulse / David Blandy / Tracey Emin / Daniel Devlin / Keran James

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