Campbell Works is the collaborative practice of artists Neil Taylor & Harriet Murray. Their studio extends to running an artist-led gallery space, initiating and curating art projects, and undertaking a wide range of public realm interventions.

By developing new ventures with artists working across a broad range of disciplines, Campbell Works acts as a meeting point for ideas and aims to explore contextual relationships between art, spaces and people.

Campbell Works collaborate with artists and organizations internationally, as well as a diverse range of professionals, commissioning bodies, the public, schools, and local authorities in the UK.

Taylor and Murray have developed a succession of new projects, installations, and exhibitions weaving a route through the commercial, experimental, and public realms.

Campbell Works can best be characterised by its openness to artists  and their ideas, to the diversity of the public and to the philosophy that drives the programming.

Taylor and Murray see the development of Campbell Works as an extension of their studio practice, allowing each project to become a collaborative work-in-progress, and a way to rigorously test ideas, build networks and showcase new commissions. Campbell Works creates an environment for experimentation and innovation, for support and discussion, where ideas and the creative process are as important as the outcome.

The curatorial projects consist largely of new works that are created through a dialogue between Murray, Taylor, and other artists and curators involved. This creates a context for peer critique within a gallery framework and a space for creating new dialogues between the artists and their audience.

Another key element of Campbell Works growth has been to engage with new audiences through participatory art projects. Since 2002, Taylor and Murray have initiated projects both at the grassroots level and within ambitious public realm contexts. The success of recent projects underlines the value of Campbell Works approach, as an incubator for new work and for discussions around artistic practice and audience engagement.

Stella Boulougari 2009